2019 Palo Alto Festival of the Arts

I had so much fun chalking in Palo Alto this year. I chalked a still life of a crab boil, because why not? Before heading home, some of us stopped off at the Winchester Mansion in San Jose and then the Farmer’s Market in Gilroy for garlic ice cream.

And so the chalking begins!
End of Day 1. A nice cold beer sounds good right about now!
Almost done, just a little more chalking left!
My finished square.
Can’t pass through Gilroy without having garlic ice cream! I couldn’t decide which to get, so I tried both.
The Winchester Mansion in San Jose is a Queen Anne style Victorian mansion. It’s a beautiful house, haunted or not, I would love to live here!
The mastermind behind this Queen Anne Revival with 160 rooms was Sarah Winchester, the widow of William Winchester. Famously private and eccentric, she built onto her California home on and off for more than 30 years. Legend has it that she did it to appease or confuse the ghosts of the people killed by Winchester rifles.

Time-lapse of my square.


My new painting for this year’s Pasadena Chalk Festival, it will be entered in the auction (and priced to sell!), I really enjoyed painting this and I hope it gets a new home tomorrow. I am a huge fan of the Haunted Mansion, the characters are fun and spark joy in my life.

April – December 12″ x 12″, Acrylic on Canvas. To be auctioned off at the 2019 Pasadena Chalk Festival.

2018 Christmas Chalk Walk

I had an awesome time last weekend at this year’s Christmas Chalk Walk, chalking the Peanuts gang.

And so it begins…my favorite beagle.
A little more progress…
Chalking Charlie Brown.
Finished, after adding a little bit of glitter.
Thanks to my friend Lori, for capturing this picture without the shadow of the tree.

Check out my time-lapse here:



2018 Twenty Nine Palms Chalk Festival

Last weekend I had the honor of participating in the Annual Twenty Nine Palms Chalk Festival. I decided to chalk up some Fisher Price little people…good choice, I won two awards, 2018 Mayor’s Choice and 2018 Most Colorful.

The beginning of my chalk square.
I am in “the zone”, chalking away.
Making progress towards the end of the day.
This is my picture with my two awards, 2018 Mayor’s Choice and 2018 Most Colorful.
Close-up of my awards.

Check out my time lapse here:

2018 Ventura Art & Street Painting Festival

I had a great time at last weekend’s Art & Street Painting Festival in Ventura. This year I chalked a mermaid square.

The ground here is really rough, but it adds character to the chalk.
Another angle of my square.
A Dole Pineapple Whip float from Coastal Cone is always in order at this event!
After a day of chalking, the beach is always my happy place, and it’s right across the street.

Check out my timelapse here:

To see everyone’s else’s chalk squares, click on my blogspot here.


2018 Palo Alto Festival of the Arts

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to chalk a square at the Palo Alto Festival of the Arts. This was my first time here, it was an amazing art festival. I chalked up some donuts for this event.

A photo that was taken of me from above by another chalk artist.
I think these were my biggest fans today. 🙂
My finished chalk square.

Palo Alto timelapse.

2018 Pasadena Chalk Festival

I had a blast chalking at this year’s Pasadena Chalk Festival. The weather was overcast this year, which was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer weekend.

This year I chalked the Tightrope Girl from Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, which is my favorite ride.
Detail of her face, from Saturday (Day One).
Is this haunted room really stretching? My finished square.
Close-up of my square.
I even spun the Otter Pop wheel and won this awesome shirt and one of the new Otter Pops!

Look at my time-lapse here!

Attack of the Comic Books at Sorensen Library

Over the weekend I attended Sorensen Library’s “Attack of the Comic Books” event for Free Comic Book Day. I was tasked with participating in a “Diversity” community chalk project with the kids. We chalked on paper and it got kind of messy!

I started the project by introducing the color wheel and color theory concepts to the kids.
Then I invited them up to help chalk a “diverse” superhero universe while enjoying the nice air-conditioned room.
At the end of the color theory lesson, we took the project outside and finished it up.

This is a timelapse that I took with my new Hero GoPro camera.