2022 Latino Comics Expo

Yesterday I chalked at the Latino Comics Expo’s 10th Anniversary, which took place at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, CA. I collaborated with three artists, and we chalked a square which was 11′ x 17′. The original art in our chalk square was designed by illustrator Rhode Montijo. We had a blast!

LCX Chalk Art
This is is the main figure, we were about halfway done when we took this picture.
LCX Chalk Art
A long shot of the square, we are three-quarters of the way done at this point.
LCX Chalk Art
We are almost finished here!
LCX Chalk Art
Our finished chalk square! Pictured from left to right is Bobby Hernandez (LCX Organizer), Myself, Rhode Montijo (one of the best illustrators ever, this original art was designed by him), Chalk Artist Krista Parada and Chalk Artist Monica Thaller. Our fourth artist collaborator was Gloria Ing (not pictured). We had a blast doing this square!

Daly City Chalk Festival

Last weekend I participated in the Daly City Chalk Festival, up in the bay area. It was a family event so I chalked Mario and Yoshi from the Super Mario Galaxy Nintendo game. How fun was that?

Mario Galaxy chalk art
And so it begins! First I did a quick sketch and started with Mario.
Mario Galaxy chalk art
Lumas are star-like creatures that have a tear drop-like shape and come in many colors.
Mario Galaxy chalk art
More progress on Mario, the most recognizable Italian video game character.
Mario Galaxy chalk art
Moving on to Yoshi.
Mario Galaxy chalk art
Yoshi is a recurring character in the Mario franchise and has gone on to star in his own games.
Mario Galaxy chalk art
Finito! (Pretend that was Mario’s voice who said that!)

Time-lapse of Mario Galaxy at Daly City Westlake shopping center.

Virginia City, Nevada

Before heading back from Reno after the Chalk Festival, I spent a day in Virginia City with two awesome artists (Lori Antoinette and Mri Scott). And guess what? It’s HAUNTED! We had so much fun exploring the history and ghost hunting. If you love visiting haunted locations, this city is not to be missed.

Virginia City, Nevada
Up on the hill is the Silver Terrace Cemetery. One of the spirits reportedly seen here is an old groundskeeper.
Mackay Mansion Virginia City, Nevada
Built in 1860, the Mackay Mansion was originally the offices of the Gould and Curry Mining Company, as well as housing for the mine superintendent. Johnny Depp stayed in the mansion for a week while filming “Dead Man” and had a ghostly encounter with a little ghost girl on the second floor. The mansion has also been featured on Ghost Adventures and Dead Files.
Old Washoe Club Virginia City, Nevada
The Old Washoe Club originally opened for business four months before the Great Fire that destroyed most of the town. The Saloon was rebuilt and opened a second time in 1876, and aside from being a bar, the Washoe Club was designed to be the meeting grounds for the Virginia City elite. Paranormal investigators from all over the globe are drawn to The Washoe Club, reporting this is the most haunted place in Virginia City, if not the entire state.
Silver Queen Virginia City, Nevada
The Silver Queen Hotel was built in 1876 and is the oldest hotel in Virginia city. The hotel is believed to house a ghost named Rosie, who was a prostitute who killed herself in Room 11.
Silver Queen Painting Virginia City, Nevada
The hotel is also known for the painting “Silver Queen”. It’s a 15-foot tall full-body portrait of a woman embedded with 3,261 morgan silver dollars, as attributed to the depth of the deepest mine in Virginia City.
Silver Queen Virginia City, Nevada
A close-up view of the silver dollars. Her belt is made of 28 $20 gold coins, while her bracelet and necklace are made of silver quarters.


Reno Chalk Art & Music Festival

The Reno Chalk Art & Music Festival, presented by Atlantis Casino Resort Spa was a blast! We chalked in the Atlantis’ West Parking Lot all weekend. This was my first time chalking here, it was awesome! My square was 10′ x 12′.

Reno Chalk Festival
I chalked butterflies, because why not?
Reno Chalk Festival
Butterfly No. 2 down, one butterfly left to go!
Reno Chalk Festival
This is one of my GoPro camera’s picture, I love that I can clip it anywhere without using a tripod.
Reno Chalk Festival
Third butterfly down, I’m at the halfway point here.
Reno Chalk Festival
Done and done!

Check out my time-lapse here.


Norman Rockwell Chalk Collaboration

On June 19 & 20, I got to chalk at the Paseo Colorado Mall in Pasadena, CA. It was a 12-artist chalk collaboration of Norman Rockwell’s “Golden Rule”, a gathering of men, women, and children of different races, religions, and ethnicities. It was a precursor of the socially conscious subjects that he would soon illustrate. “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You” was a simple but universal phrase that reflected the artist’s personal philosophy.

Paseo Colorado Sign
These are the signs that were printed by the mall.
The Beginning of the Project
And so it begins, the beginning of a 2-day chalk collaboration.
End of Day 1
My contribution to the square is this female figure in the lower center of the square. I took this picture a few hours into it.
Progress! This is at the beginning of day 2.
Halfway Point
This is the hallway point of the whole square, which measures 24′ wide by 22′ high.
Almost Done
Almost done! We are preparing to pull the blue tape off of the sides.
Drone Shot
A drone shot of our chalk square.


Check out our time-lapse here:

2020 Chalk Mafia Epic Virtual Chalk Fest

It’s the middle of summer and Covid-19 still has all outdoor gatherings cancelled! That still doesn’t stop us from making art at home. This year I participated in Chalk Mafia’s first annual Epic Virtual Chalk Fest for the Fourth of July weekend. I challenged myself by creating a flag with lots of folds in it.

Starting to chalk the US flag
And so it begins! My 8′ x 8′ chalk square, which is right next to the last square I chalked last month.
US flag art, almost finished
Almost there! This is about half-way through, it was really hot too. I really love how all of the folds are coming out. I should try this type of art more often.
Picture of the finished art
Finished! My house is ready for the Fourth of July now.
View of my chalk square from the sky
View of my chalk square from the sky.

Check out my time-lapse below.



My new painting for this year’s Pasadena Chalk Festival, it will be entered in the auction (and priced to sell!), I really enjoyed painting this and I hope it gets a new home tomorrow. I am a huge fan of the Haunted Mansion, the characters are fun and spark joy in my life.

April – December 12″ x 12″, Acrylic on Canvas. To be auctioned off at the 2019 Pasadena Chalk Festival.