Copenhagen, Denmark

After spending two nights in Amsterdam, we flew into Copenhagen, Denmark for three nights. In Denmark, we stayed in an Airbnb apartment which was walking distance from Copenhagen Central Station.

Hans Christian Anderson’s Little Mermaid statue. The statue was a present from brewer Carl Jacobsen (The Carlsberg Breweries) to the city of Copenhagen, made by a sculptor named Edvard Erichsen. I visited the Carlsberg Brewery the next day and they have a small replica sitting on a fountain in their courtyard. I want one too!
We saw this mermaid. She was huge compared to her famous counterpart. She was down the road from the famous Little Mermaid statue at the Langelie promenade.
This is the infamous Christiania, also known as Freetown Christiania. It’s a self-proclaimed anarchist district of about 1,000 residents. Christiania has been a source of controversy since its creation in 1971. It’s cannabis trade was tolerated by authorities until 2004. I saw some things there, but whatever happens in Christiania STAYS in Christiana.
Here I am standing next to the Gefion Fountain. The fountain is placed in a corner of Churchillparken (Churchill Park) near the Langelinie waterfront and is one of the largest monuments in Copenhagen. The sculptures were created by Anders Bundgaard (1864-1937), featuring a large group of naturalistic strong oxen’s pulling the plough of the Norse goddess Gefion.
St Alban’s is a beautiful church of Anglican worship in Churchillparken Copenhagen. It is the only Anglican church in Denmark and is known by the Danes as “The English Church.”
The Rosenborg Castle is a 400-year-old Renaissance castle and was built by Christian IV, who left a strong mark on Danish history. I took this picture from the garden as you enter the front gate.
This is a picture of the throne room. I love those lion statues.
I enjoyed Denmark, I commemorated my visit by creating this watercolored postcard to drop in the mailbox for one of my friends in the United States.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over the summer I took another awesome vacation, I was blessed with the opportunity of visiting 10 countries with my cousins. Wow, I hadn’t noticed that it was 10! For the next week, I will share some of my favorite photos from this vacation. The first stop was Amsterdam in Holland for two nights.

Amsterdam Centraal Station
On the evening that we arrived, it was raining. That didn’t stop us from going out though. This is the view looking out from Amsterdam Centraal Station.
On day two, I visited the Van Gogh Museum. Can I just say that I had the most amazing time there?
Seeing the work in person is quite an experience. Still Life: Vase with Irises Against a Yellow Background (May 1890) is one of the few still lifes painted during his stay at the asylum in Saint-Rémy.
My haul from the gift shop, one t-shirt, one pencil case, and two magnets.
Here I am standing in front of the Rijksmuseum. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to enter on this trip but now I have a fantastic excuse to return.
On my last day in Amsterdam, I visited the Anne Frank House and Westerkerk, which is a church right across the street. This is a view from the top of the bell tower overlooking the Prinsengracht canal. The Anne Frank House Museum is the black building on the corner and the Secret Annex is in the house adjacent to the museum.