2020 Chalk Mafia Epic Virtual Chalk Fest

It’s the middle of summer and Covid-19 still has all outdoor gatherings cancelled! That still doesn’t stop us from making art at home. This year I participated in Chalk Mafia’s first annual Epic Virtual Chalk Fest for the Fourth of July weekend. I challenged myself by creating a flag with lots of folds in it.

Starting to chalk the US flag
And so it begins! My 8′ x 8′ chalk square, which is right next to the last square I chalked last month.
US flag art, almost finished
Almost there! This is about half-way through, it was really hot too. I really love how all of the folds are coming out. I should try this type of art more often.
Picture of the finished art
Finished! My house is ready for the Fourth of July now.
View of my chalk square from the sky
View of my chalk square from the sky.

Check out my time-lapse below.


2020 Pasadena Chalk Festival-Chalk At Home!

Covid-19 did not stop the festival chalkers from chalking at this year’s 2020 Pasadena Chalk Festival. The event was cancelled, but we all chalked at home! This year, my chalk square was about hope. I hope all is well with everyone, and I hope this pandemic ends well for all of us.

Inspire Hope by Grasiela Rodriguez
And the 2020 Pasadena Chalk Festival starts now… Chalk where you’re quarantined!
Inspire Hope by Grasiela Rodriguez
Almost done!
Inspire Hope by Grasiela Rodriguez
Inspire Hope it’s all in the details.
Inspire Hope by Grasiela Rodriguez

Check out my time-lapse here:

2020 San Diego Comic Fest

Before the COVID-19  Safe At Home executive order, I was lucky to attend the 2020 San Diego Comic Fest. I was happy to debut my new branding, including my new banners for my table. I had so much fun seeing all of my San Diego friends, I can hardly wait for next year’s comic fest!

My table with new branding.
My new banner with some of the art in my comic books.
This year’s theme celebrated the science-fiction master Ray Bradbury, and stop-motion animation legend, Ray Harryhausen! These are some of the props created by Robert Maya for “Jason and The Argonauts”. Their eyes even lit up!
oh-oh! I’ve messed with the wrong skeleton army!
Even the Mandalorian with Baby Yoda made an appearance!

San Diego Comic Fest

I am excited to table at the San Diego Comic Fest, the comic convention with a casual atmosphere and an intimate scale that allows fans to mingle directly with professionals and exhibitors. It’s the place where you can indulge your love of comics, science fiction, films, and meet professional creators without high-priced tickets, crowds, or long lines. I hope to see some of you there, I will be tabling on March 6th, 7th, & 8th!

2020 San Diego Comic Fest
Enjoy this art by Scott Shaw!

2020 San Gabriel Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is the most celebrated holiday in Asia with many large festivals and events held around the world. The San Gabriel Lunar New Year Festival is a unique festival that consists of a Street Food Fair, Marketplace, Kids Zone, and Chalk Art! The 2020 Lunar New Year is the Year of the Rat, so our squares this year consisted of cute little scoundrels, coincidently, the Old World rat or “true rat” originated in Asia.

Lunar New Year 1
And so the chalking begins…
Finished! The Chinese writing in the bottom corner says “Good Luck”.

Check out my chalk time-lapse here:

And don’t forget to check out the other chalk squares here: https://girlwithchalk.blogspot.com/2020/02/2020-san-gabriel-lunar-new-year.html

Not Your Friend Comics at Latino Animation Festival

Next weekend, I am super-excited to participate in the Latino Comics Expo’s 3rd Annual Latino Animation Festival. Check out my new promo!  Get your tickets here: