Peloponnese peninsula

Olympia, Greece

On Tuesday, we docked in the port of Olympia, Greece.

This is our cruise ship, the MSC Musica. It’s a European cruise line with passengers from all over the world. It’s the first cruise I have ever been on.
In Olympia, we visited the ancient Greek archeological site Olympia, a sanctuary of ancient Greece in Elis on the Peloponnese peninsula. It’s known for having been the site of the Olympic Games in classical times. These are the ruin remains of the Temple of Zeus.
The sanctuary of Olympia and its surrounding area are preserved in almost intact condition, from ancient times till today. In the sacred Altis, Zeus’ sacred forest, the same tree, and plant species are found, as in antiquity. When visiting the archaeological site of Olympia, you can feel the spirituality of the landscape.
The site of Olympia was once the most important religious and athletic center in Greece. It was also home to a 13-meter-tall statue of Zeus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, which is believed to have been destroyed in a fire.
After leaving the site of the ruins, we walked around the quiet little town and bought souvenirs.
I tasted olives and olive oils at one of the shops.
And of course, I had my first gyro in Greece! I say first because this is only one of many that I ate all over Greece!