Headless Horseman Halloween Chalk Collaboration

For our second chalk collaboration, we chose to chalk the Headless Horseman for Halloween. The figure is traditionally depicted as a man upon horseback who is missing his head. Since the pandemic lock down, the Boston Court Theatre in Pasadena has remained closed to the public and they gave us permission to chalk in their parking lot. That was super nice of them!

Halloween Headless Horseman Chalk Collaboration
I was assigned to chalk the bottom right corner of our image. The artist pictured is Zoila Cobian.
Halloween Headless Horseman Chalk Collaboration
For my contribution to this collaboration, I chalked the front legs of the horse and I also added a ghoul with a pumpkin.
Halloween Headless Horseman Chalk Collaboration
In the home stretch. Artists pictured above are Marcella Swett and Mri Scott ElBey.
Halloween Headless Horseman Chalk Collaboration
Our finished master piece. Participating artists from left to right are Monica Orozco Thaller, Shawnet Sweets, Keith Dubois, Marcella Swett, Zoila Cobian, Lori Antoinette, Mri Scott ElBey, and myself.

Check out our time-lapse here:

2020 Halloween Chalk Festival

My chalk square for Halloween Chalk Festival.

Halloween Chalk Square
And so it begins! Having a blast surrounded by chalk!
Halloween Chalk Square
The Halloween kitty likes candy corn.
Halloween Chalk Square

Check out my time-lapse here:


Happy New Year

The year went by so fast. I had a wonderful year, many opportunities to write and create. Exactly one week ago I was up in the mountain enjoying the snowfall and today I am sitting on the beach enjoying my 2017 New Year’s intention tea. I welcome the new year, full of things that have never been. Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year ahead!

My 2017 Intention tea on the beach.
Gorgeous photo of the Huntington Beach ocean, taken from the top of the pier.


Happy Holidays

The holidays are upon us and I for one am more than happy to welcome the blessings of the new year. I had a wonderful time in Lake Arrowhead for Christmas. It snowed and we had a white Christmas just like in the movies.

View of the snow from the balcony.
The view from our cabin’s balcony.
A snowman that I made.
There was so much snow, we made a snowman.
The weather was perfect for making s’mores.
The view of the snow covered mountain from the balcony.
A panorama view of the snow covered mountain from the balcony.

Merry Christmas from New Mexico!

When in New Mexico, wrap yourself up like a Danish!
Albuquerque Old Town Plaza Square.
In the “Land of Enchantment”, their holiday decorations include “luminarias”.
On a neighborhood stroll.
On a neighborhood stroll.
On a neighborhood stroll under the holiday full moon (first since 1977!).

Holiday Cookiepalooza

This year I attended a cookie decorating gathering with some of my good friends and learned to decorate cookies using royal icing. It was so much fun, I think I should bake more often and did I mention that they tasted fantastic?

My finished cookies.
Lots of cookie designs to choose from.
Lots of icing and sprinkles to choose from. I’m loving it!
Waiting for my cookies to dry. I was very pleased with how they turned out for my first time.

Norwood Library Dia de los Muertos Workshop

I hosted Norwood Library’s Dia de los Muertos painting workshop for kids. They painted paper mache “sugar skulls” at the library and later I exhibited them at the El Monte Dia de los Muertos celebration event which took place at the Valley Mall on Saturday, October 29. The kids got to take their works of art home after the exhibit.

Sugar Skull Painting workshop at Norwood Library.
The sugar skull has become one of the most recognizable cultural and artistic elements of the Day of the Dead festivals.
The colorful sugar skull is a joyful, celebratory figure in Day of the Dead celebrations.
Some of the children’s finished works.
We did three workshops with kids of different age groups, these are some of their finished work on display the day of the event.
They were all painted different and unique.
These were some of my volunteers at the event, including Miss El Monte! The display was awesome and the kids were happy to see their work in the exhibit.