2021 Port Hueneme Chalk Festival

Have you ever heard of the Port Hueneme Beach Festival? This year they decided to add a chalk festival and it was AWESOME! After being in quarantine for so long and missing the beautiful ocean for so long, I was very happy to have been invited to participate.

Mermaid Chalk Square
I chose to chalk a mermaid since I was at the beach.
Mermaid Chalk Square
Almost there, just need to add a background texture to my coral and seaweed.
Mermaid Chalk Square
Finished! This was my finished 10’x10′ square.
Mermaid Chalk Square
This is a photo that my friend Sharyn R Chan took when the sun went down.
Sand Castle at Port Hueneme
After chalking, I walked on the beach and enjoyed looking at sandcastles…
Sand pyramid and alligator at Port Hueneme Beach
Alligators, pyramids, and…
Sand Sea Monsters at Port Hueneme Beach
sea monsters!

Check out my time-lapse here: