Gondola rides

Venezia, Again

As fun as the cruise was, all good things eventually come to an end. The ship brought us back to Venezia and before flying out to Paris, we made the best of our time remaining in Italy and went on a gondola ride.

Waiting for the next gondola. This is where I hitched a ride on a gondola with my cousins.
Cruising through the canals through Venezia.
I purposely tried to dress like a gondolier today…
The Rialto Bridge is one of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal in Venezia. It’s the oldest bridge across the canal, and was the dividing line for the districts of San Marco and San Polo.
After the gondola ride, I stopped and had pizza on the way back to pick up my luggage from our luggage lockers.
After the flight into Paris, we checked in to our hotel and booked it down to the Moulin Rouge to catch the 9 o’clock show.
Feeling a little bit tipsy from the champagne. After the show we stopped to eat on the way back to the hotel. What a night. Tomorrow will be amazing in France.