2020 LA County Census Chalkathon

I am excited to participate in the 2020 LA County Census Chalkathon. From August 17 – September 7, there will be weekly giveaways on Facebook live. Everyone counts in the 2020 Census and Los Angeles County has many more households to count! Results from the 2020 Census will support our community for the next 10 years. In addition to funding for healthcare, public safety, roads and schools, the Census is important because nonprofits depend on Census data to determine funding for the arts, Pell Grants and much more. So get your chalks out, chalk your heart out and post using the hashtags #LACcensuschalkathon #CaStudentsCount, and most important, fill out your Census form. Everyone Counts! ¡Todos Contamos! 2020Census.Gov.

2020 Census English Chalkathon flyer


2020 Census Spanish Chalkathon flyer